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Why choose us for your USB Flash drive manufacturing and packaging.  What makes us better?

Since 1993,  we have been in the software duplication and packaging industry. Remember floppy drives?  We use to make them.

We are a flash drive manufacturer, not a reseller of coffee mugs, pens, and promotional trinkets.  Every project is custom manufactured after you place your order. We use high quality memory, mold the drive cases, print the cases, and assemble the drives, at our facility in China.  After extensive quality control checks, the drives are shipped to our California location for pre-loaded data duplication and packaging.

What’s in it for you?  Lower costs, more options, better quality.

Because we custom manufacture every order, we are able to offer customization that other simply can’t.  We can custom match the drive case to a specific PMS color.  We can provide you with a hard gloss finish or soft rubberized “velvet” finish on models with plastic cases.

Our manufacture-on-order process insures that you get exactly the specifications that you need, in the model style, color, finish, memory capacity, that you want.  Our duplication services insure that your data duplication quality reliable and timely.  Plus, you save money. Custom manufacturing every order reduces the overhead, and inventory costs associated with build and hold techniques used by of many of our competitors. USB2USB’s custom manufacturing process is the best solution for insuring that you get a high quality custom flash drive at a low cost.

How long does it take?

Most projects are ready to ship from our Northern California facility within 8 to 10 business days.

Contact Information

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