Art requirements for USB flash drive logo printing


usb 2 usb copying and printing logo

The quality of your logo printing to the surface of the USB Flash drive is directly related to the graphic design and artwork that you supply.  Clean simple art will look better than cluttered or low resolution art.

We are always happy to review your artwork to insure that the artwork that you supply is suitable for printing.  

Step 1The image area (printable region) varies with each USB flash drive.  Your printing art must conform to the image area for the drive.  The printing area for each drive is shown under the picture on the model number page.

step 2The flash drive artwork must be an electronic file created as color separated vector art.  The art is typically an eps file, an Illustrator File, or a pdf file.  Fonts should be converted to outlines.

The art file can be supplied as an e-mail attachment or via file transfer. A simple way to transfer the art file is to use our our "upload a file" page.  Contact a customer service representative for the submission details. 

step 3USB2USB can assist you with your design.  Typically the cost for the graphic design and proof using your supplied logo and type is $30 to $60.   Contact our customer service representatives to discuss the details of your project.

step 4Proofing.  We will provide a digital mockup of your artwork for approval before the printing will begin.  Carefully review this proof.  The final printed drives will closely match the approved proof.  See the sample below.

Example of Flash Drive proof

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