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Complete this form to receive an estimate for your USB Flash drive manufacturing, printing, duplication, and packaging project.  Call us if we may be of any assistance (916) 789-9929 (Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Time)

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Marketing Series - Lowest Cost Pricing Group
(Group A Pricing.  All models in this group are the same cost.)

Razor (Group A)
razor usb flash drive costs
(red, blue, black, silver, white)
Stiletto (Group A)
low cost stiletto flash drive
(red, blue, black, silver, white)
Infinity (Group A)
cost for infinity flash drive
(red, blue, black)
Techno (Group A)
techno usb flash drive model

(red, blue, silver, green, yellow, white, violet)
Executive (Group A)
executive usb flash drive

(white, black, blue, silver)
Prospect (Group A)
low cost usb drives

(white, black, blue, red, silver)
Loop (Group A)
loop usb drive

(white, black, blue, red)
Symmetry (Group A)
symmetry usb flash drive
 (silver metal / clear)
Classic (Group A)
classic usb drive estimate

 (metal+ blue, black, red)
Swivel (Group A)
swivel discount usb drive

(metal clip with black, blue, white, red, orange, green, yellow)
Diamond (Group A)
diamond usb drive

(brushed metal/with clear, black, blue, red)
Civic (Group A)
low cost usb flash drive model civic

(metal+ black, blue, red,)
Elite (Group A)
elite usb drive

 (metal+ blue, black, red, yellow, green, orange) 
Lightening (Group A)
lightening usb drive

(metal+ blue, black, red, yellow, green)
Titan (Group A)
titan low cost flash drive

 (Polished metal, black)
Wrist Band (Group A)
metal usb flash drive costs

(red, white, blue, green, yellow, black)  
Specialty Series
(Group B Pricing.  All models in this group are the same cost.) 
Wine Bottle
 (Group B)
wine bottle shaped flash drive

(black, green, red, silver blue)  
Business Card (Group B)usb business card with printing
Billboard (Group B)
billboard usb flash drive model

(black, white) 
Nova (Group A)
nova discounted flash drives

(black, silver)  
Designer Series
(Group C Pricing.   All models in this group are the same cost.)  
  Chic (Group C)
designer leather usb flash drives

 (leather: brown, black)  
  Scout (Group C)

 (leather: brown, black)  
  USB Pen (Group C)
silver usb pen

(silver metal)  

Select your Printing Options*
(not all options are available for all drive models)

    One Color Silk Screen / One Location
    Two Color Silk Screen / One Location (standard)
    Three Color Silk Screen / One Location
    Four Color Silk Screen / One Location
    Laser Engraving (metal cased drives)
    Embossing (leather models only)
    Other.  Please describe. 

Select Accessories
(not all options are available for all drive models)

    Lanyard (neck strap)
    key chain

Select your Packaging Options*
(not all options are available for all drive models)

    None. Bulk Box
    Economy Gift Box
    Gloss Gift Box with Clear Window (available in white or black)
    Clear Plastic Gift Box
    Metal Box with Clear Window
    Deluxe Gift Box

Describe any additional information related to the project.


Thank you for your interest in our USB Flash Drive custom printing and data duplication services.  Most estimates are complete within 3 hours.  Contact us or (916-789-9929 ) if you need assistance or have questions.  Customer service representatives are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time.  We are looking forward to serving you.

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