Designer and Specialty USB Flash Drive Models


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Specialty & Designer Drives

Specialty Series (Pricing Group B)


Model / Description

usb card flash drive Business Card Style (Pricing Group B)
White Plastic Case
wine bottle shaped usb drive

Name:  Wine Bottle (Pricing Group B)
Black, Green, Red, Silver, Blue
Plastic Case
Designer Series (Pricing Group C)
specialty usb flash drive models


Model / Description

chic leather usb flash drive model
Name:  Chic (Pricing Group C)
Brown, Black Leather with Embossed Logo or Printed Logo
scout model leather usb flash drive
Name:  Scout (Pricing Group C)
Brown or Black Leather with Embossed Logo or Printed Logo
pen drive Name:  USB Pen Drive (Pricing Group C)
Polished Metal

 Select your favorite Flash Drive Design:

You select the model style, color, memory capacity, neck strap color, and packaging.  Then you customize your selection by adding your printed logo.  Finally, we can pre-load the drives with your own data (software, presentations, literature, etc.)  We handle all parts of your project from start to finish.  Click here to learn about the steps required to order your own custom printed USB Flash Drive.

We only supply the latest High-Speed USB 2.0 drives.  USB 2.0 drives are 40 times faster than the older USB 1.1 drives (480 Mbit/sec vs. 12 Mbit/sec).  Because the USB 2.0 standard is backward compatible, our drives will work when connected to USB 1.1 ports (at the 1.1 standard speed).  You may be able to save some pennies by ordering our competitors slower USB 1.1 drives.  But do you really want your company's image associated with the snail pace performance of the outdated USB drive?

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Please note:  Due to the rapid fluctuations in the Flash Memory costs, our published prices are subject to change.  Please contact us for an exact quote on your project.  We will provide you a written estimate for your project.  Estimates are good for 5 business days.  If you place your order after 5 days from receiving your estimate, we will provide you with the revised cost for your project before we begin production.

Need assistance?  Contact us ( , 916-789-9929 ).  Customer service representatives are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time.  We are looking forward to serving you.

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